Guantes Arribas has devoled its activity to the design and manufacture of technical gloves to protect the hands of all men and women who are part of the bodies of Defense, Security and Emergencies.

Constantly evolving, we have been improving our facilities and our staff providing the means, facilities and the necessary training to create new product lines that adjust to the requests of our users covering the highest standards of quality and safety training.

Our slogan "FOR WHAT REALLY MATTERS" is the main feature of our products to which we apply a special attention to even the smallest details.


It seems like yesterday when we picked our booth and we are, once again at the International Security Exhibits (SICUR).

The circumstances in which our gloves are used are extreme. Therefore, we apply our gloves very demanding tests in order to provide the best in security.

OUT-RAIN is ideal for protecting your gloves and unlike similar products not only protects it from rain and keeps them dry , but also get to keep them clean longer.