GORE-TEX ® products offer a durable water progress are windproof and provide optimal breathability.
The double layer fabric, Meyer ®, provides the highest performance levels in cut resistant linings it, is made with an advanced combination of Kevlar, polyester and fiberglass.
The KEVLAR ® brand fiber, provides high cut protection as well as comfort, flexibility and lightness that users need to do their jobs with security and comfort. It also offers high strength at elevated temperatures, making it the best choice for gloves that are used in high temperature applications. The fire resistant nature of KEVLAR ® fiber will not burn or support combustion and does not melt.
It is thanks to an insulating synthetic fibers composition that succeeds in isolating the temperature. Thinsulate was RESCUEd in 1979 promoted as the insulator that provides "warmth without bulk", retaining its insulating ability even when wet.
Products made with WINDSTOPPER ® fabric protect you from windchill by blocking the wind, while they are highly breathable, they keep the body dry and comfortable whatever your activity. Thanks to the revolutionary Gore ultralight membrane technology WINDSTOPPER ® fabric is durable, breathable and totally windproof throughout the life of the garments.
The perfect fabric for all kinds of activity. Excellent abrasion resistance, great strength and durability in all kinds of weather.
The DuPont ™ Nomex ® fiber is the best in its class in terms of its strength and fire protection, sudden explosion and / or electric arc. DuPont ™ Nomex ® is composed of fibers that help to have more resistance and make the static garment: 93% Nomex ®, Kevlar ® 5% and 2% carbon fiber. Does not melt, drip, does not burn and is not combusted. Provides incredible lightness, comfort and extreme durability, with the result that users can work comfortable and safe. With the heat, Nomex ® chars and thickened, creating a protective barrier between the fire and the wearer's skin.
The 3M fabrics and reflective films 3M SCOTCHLITE TM effectively reflect the light from the headlights of vehicles, making visible, in this way, people who wear them.
This protective fabric of high strength aramid, such as Kevlar ®, ensures high durability as well as temperature stability in combination with a high level of comfort. Per gram, this Aramid fiber is five times stronger than steel. Provides high abrasion and tear resistance in addition to heat resistance.



It seems like yesterday when we picked our booth and we are, once again at the International Security Exhibits (SICUR).

The circumstances in which our gloves are used are extreme. Therefore, we apply our gloves very demanding tests in order to provide the best in security.

OUT-RAIN is ideal for protecting your gloves and unlike similar products not only protects it from rain and keeps them dry , but also get to keep them clean longer.